Friday, November 16

DIY Nature Inspiration

This Friday, I thought I'd share some DIY projects I can't wait to get my hands on. Literally. All of them seem to involve nature, oddly enough, so we're going to run with it.

My sister found this on Pinterest (links back here), and I love it. Lay a fall leaf on porous paper, cover with a paper towel, hammer hammer hammer, remove. Genius! I love natural art, and I love free things, and who doesn't love fall, making this an excellent project. Good for kids too!

How gorgeous is this? I wonder how tricky it is...I suppose if you have a very inky pen it could work alright, but I wonder about breaking the dried out leaves. Either way, this is a gorgeous idea for place settings, and obviously very cheap.

I'm literally planning on making this when I'm home over Christmas. I'd personally like to see more color, but still, it's a fantastic idea. I'd prefer the wood to be a deep mahogany color to contrast more with the gold. Sounds like this is faux flowers and rub n' buff in gold, but you could also use real plants and gold spray paint at almost no cost.

May not look nature-related, but wait! The dyes are made from flowers and vegetables, like dahlias and beets. And they're biodegradable planters, which everyone loves. Design Sponge just has the best ideas.

My roommate has a candle holder just like this, made from driftwood and bought at Anthropologie. I think it's beautiful, and would love to make one of my own. I would need to think a bit about the best way to do this, but at worst you could just attach sticks to a vase.

Spending any time with nature this weekend?

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