Monday, November 5

Discover [emergency compliment]

Let's say you have a boss that is cray cray and requires words of admiration on the regular. Or maybe you know a person that literally thrives on positive feedback, making it hilarious to dole it out and watch them shine in self-worth. Perhaps you have sensitive family members that require warm loving phrases following a lashing from your sarcastic wit.

If you too are tongue-tied in the face of insecure prompts for un-earned compliments, I have a site to share that will change your life. Or at least entertain your afternoon. This site generates unique-in-style-yet-universally-applicable compliments all. day. long. And all night too, in case your insecure friends are nocturnal.

After hearing a few sweet and sincere words, you can click "I feel better" and be taken to an online store where you can purchase a poster of your uplifting quote. Alternatively, you can click "I still feel crappy" to get another dose of lovin. 

Use it, love it, but don't think I won't know if you feed me one of these lines.

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