Wednesday, November 7

Post Election Hangover

Hi ya'll, living in a swing-state and being bombarded by campaigning 24/7 has left me politically-hungover. Whether your man won or lost, you gotta admit we have an amazing great pretty good functioning means of participating in our government and having a voice, which is rare and significant. Democracy was a chilly endeavor at 5:45am yesterday, but one in which I was proud to participate, as I hope you were too.

I'm only fake complaining about the endless stream of campaign-related propoganda. In reality, it was very energizing to vote in a swing state and feel like my vote mattered. Plus the Obama/Romney drinks last night were funny (but apparently yucky).

And with that, we can all start complaining about Christmas commercials instead of political ads! In that vein, I have a wishlist of fantastic, lust-worthy products coming at you tomorrow.


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