Tuesday, November 6

new bed.

When my darling D goes to B school next year (that's the plan, anyway), I'll be in the market for a new bed. Yippee! I'm not going to call it an even trade, certainly, but I do like beds quite a bit.

I saw this image on Mr. Bright Bazar (and traced it back to the U.K. House to Home). I can't say I love the room, but I do love the bed.

 Guess where that bed is from? The ever-affordable Ikea, that's where!
Now, as is, this is a pretty standard steel bed. But, imagine it after gold leafing (if I were rich) or gold spray painting (if I were myself, which I am)? I think it could be lovely. I've been lusting after a brass bed for ages, and though Craigslist has a lot of potential, none are as cheap as $125 smackers. And, assuming D won't loveeee the look, I don't want to spend too much on a temporary nest.

Enter my favorite blog, Little Green Notebook, with a solution. My best bud Jenny showed these  etageres (also Ikea) by Ana Antunes. And guess what? They are painted gold!

It's so nice to see it done somewhere else first- sometimes the problem with DIY's is that often you fail in the "do it" part and your methods just don't work. If Ana can do it, I can at least try!

In case you want to see the whole room, it's a brassy goldy pinky confection of a room. I think it's spectacularly whimsical, and I'm pretty sure if I want to ever have a room resembling this I would need to do it within the b school years :)

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