Wednesday, January 22

discover [vayable]

The more I vacation, the more I want to vacation. Ever had a few days out of the office, traveling, being with family and friends, and instead of satiating your need to get away, it just expands it?

D and I are trying to orchestrate a trip back to Spain, where I studied abroad and he visited, this spring. He'll have a bit of time between school and his summer internship, and our dear friend (who also studied abroad with me outside of Madrid) is interested in joining us. If this happens, it'll be the best trip EVER.

I recently heard of Vayable, and it's getting me even MORE in the mood to hit the road. It's essentially Airbnb for activities, rather than lodging. Search for regions, activities, or cost, and you'll get a list of locals ready to take you on an adventure (it'd be like me hosting a food tour in Durham for out-of-towners). It's very reasonably priced, a great option for groups, and a chance to see another side of the city; think scouting for street art in San Francisco, a vintage and antique hunt through Berlin, or a midnight street food crawl through NYC.

On a social and cultural level, it's a wonderful idea. They're proud to "enable entrepreneurship, cultural exchange, and worldwide exploration", making it a feel-good operation as well.

It left me thinking- if you could host any Vayable trip, what would it be? I think I'd like to do winery tours in Virginia, a cocktail tour in DC, or thrifting here in Bull City.

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