Tuesday, January 7

pinned [and some pre-DIY]

I did a little DIY in this first week of the new year that I'm looking forward to sharing next week (the toughest part about blogging during the winter is that it's dark when I leave the house and dark when I return, making decent photography of my projects impossible until the weekend).

It could be my recent perusal of Scandal, but I'm very drawn to sleek lines, neutral colors, and fine, luxurious MATERIALS. It's all about materials people, whether it's your tweed peplum blazer and silk blouse or my personal faves, stone, marble, wood, and metals. Maybe our next project, D?

This bathroom is undeniably gorgeous. I don't even want to guess the cost of this much marble, but it's the most incredible couples sink I've ever seen. Oh yeah, the chrome legs and sleek faucets and plank floors are none too shabby either.

More of the mix: sleek but with industrial, natural materials. Uneven brick work, a beautifully stained desk, and a structural chandelier. My kinda office.

I really like this shelving unit- wonder if it's made from brass, or maybe painted industrial piping if you had to do it on the cheap. Defined but delicate lines strike again.

Ink blot art, high ceilings, soft gray and gilt, beautiful flooring...what's not to love about this muted, classic living room? It pulls together the brass, wood, and marble I like above, and adds in some lucite for sparkle. Lovely.

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