Friday, January 24

link it up

I'm sensing a theme in my Friday love of dark florals...maybe there's a DIY in my future
Friday at last, and man I'm sleepy. Even for a short week, I just didn't get the (ahem, 8 hours worth of) sleep that I prefer. D is off doing important business-y things, so I'm taking this evening to clean like a mad-woman for one of my best friends' visit on valentines weekend! That tub is gettin' a scrub a dub. Don't feel too bad for me though, D's triumphant return to the triangle on Saturday night leads straight into a double date for Durham Restaurant week. Yum. What are you up to?

I love a good dialect quiz. It knew exactly where I was from.

I'll be making homemade Thai basil rolls tonight, which my aunt introduced me to this past weekend.

My friend E is requiring her Superbowl guests to watch this short video before they come. The animation is AWESOME. There's something for everyone: yes, it's educational for "ladies, liberals and limeys", but if you know a bit about the sport their under-the-breath comments are hilarious, too. #RIPpats

Everyone should get this app. And then send me things. Best submission gets a virtual hug.

Ever since Beauty and the Beast, I've wanted a ladder in my home. Living without ladders = SO provincial. Until I have the library, I'll make this.


  1. Ooo, I want a blanket ladder--that's a great idea! I have the perfect place for it!

  2. Boston, Worcester, surprise there. And my most distinctive answer for all three was 'rotary'


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