Friday, January 3


Ummmmmm hello? Hope I still have a few readers after an uncharacteristically long break. After getting my wisdom teeth out (trust me, you would not have wanted me blogging that week) I took of for Boston and Sarasota without my laptop. On purpose (pretty big step for me). Call me christmas crazy but I loved the break from the self-imposed pressure to be constantly present online. It left me free to do fun things like:

visit an ice bar! Freezing. But great QT with the sibs, my favorite people in the world....

...and have a few drinks. Out with my parents in Boston, trying an infusion my brother made, celebrating the new year, and generally celebrating the alcoholidays...

...and make (and devour) some delicious food, like prosciutto wrapped asparagus, peppermint chocolate cookie dough balls, and a NYE cheese plate (all deserved after juicing my way through surgery recovery).

It was a wonderful two weeks but I feel shocked that January is upon us. After a New Year's Day visit to Home Depot, I have a project or two in the works, and D has been hammering away at my DIY Christmas present (which I'm sure will be blog-worthy). I hope everyone had a restorative holiday filled with family love and good food and drink. To 2014!

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