Friday, January 10

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We made it through that first week after a long vacation. How'd you do? I think I'd be fine if all my favorite retailers would stop sending out info on their resort line. I get it. Rich people head south in March, and they need fantastic palm print shorts and gauzy tunics and lace up sandals to wear. Life is hard.

Need a calendar for the new year? Download and print this graphic simple beauty.

A very powerful (scary, violent) PSA regarding domestic violence

Go ahead. Spray paint a vinyl chair. I won't tell.

Make 2014 the year you truly devote yourself to your personal brand. I'm not all weird slick business guy about this, but I have been interested in the idea of cultivating your personal identity for years.

I have a few weddings coming up in 2014 that I truly could not be more excited for. In preparation, I'm sharing a best man's speech from a wonderful source.

D and I are exploring Raleigh for the first time on Saturday, hopefully I'll have some cool places to share soon. Have fun out there and stay warm.

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