Tuesday, January 28

DIY [industrial lamp]

The thing is, I'm not THAT into industrial decor. I mean, I like it, very much, but it's not like I dream of living in a warehouse with bare bulbs hanging and reclaimed wood pallet furniture and scrappy paint jobs. I think industrial design gives a raw, unrefined element to more sophisticated spaces.

What I'm saying is, it's all about the contrast. I'll be especially happy to contrast around this lovely little lamp for sure.
I can take no credit for this, besides perhaps inspiring a love of Edison bulbs in D, who made me this lamp for Christmas. It's very similar to the pipe side table we made last year in terms of the materials. You can pick up a lamp kit for $10 at Home Depot as well.
Gah how good does it look on?! Using an Edison bulb (we like these) are your best bet for exposed bulbs, so you don't hurt your eyes or get too much glare. There are so many lamp DIY's going around now- it's wonderful to create something so functional that sees daily use (I'm blogging in bed by the light of my tripod lamp at the moment). Here's to more functional projects this year.


  1. Looks who's the star today.

  2. Well done D! I'm impressed!

    Where did you make it without her seeing?


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