Friday, January 31

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Ellipsograph 9 by Erik Barthels
Ellipsograph 9 by Erik Barthels
Man the South can't handle their winter weather. Hope everyone has stayed safe and warm. I've been in Florida all week, but before you get too jealous, I had 3 cancelled flights getting down here, and though I finally made it, it's been 40's and rainy every day. Today should be a gorgeous sunny 75, but alas, I head to the airport. I'm spending the weekend in DC with some of my favorite people in the world, so I'll trade in the sunny weather without complaint.

This is very well done. I've always loved spoken word and also supported immigration. Give it a watch.

Ok, I don't want to go here as much as I want to go to Disney University, but it still looks pretty baller. Imagine the things I would learn. This coincides well with my re-commitment to Downtown Abbey, which I had abandoned after season 1 when Netflix stopped carrying it. Guess where you can get it now? FREE with an Amazon Prime membership. Too cool.

D sent me this time waster (for the intellectual). I'm enjoying it.

I'm staying in a lovely hotel at the moment. Guess what's around the corner and I have ABSOLUTELY NO TIME TO VISIT? J, you'll find this as upsetting as I do. Next trip, I suppose.

If you have some spare time this weekend, maybe you can take the first crack over here and inspire me to get moving on my resolution for 2014: learn this.

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