Thursday, April 18

DIY inspo [marbleized wallpaper]

Although I'm desperately sad that D will be leaving me for B school, it's certainly given me reason to start dreaming up the design for my new place. You know I've already found my new bed, but what of the walls?

The lovely ladies behind Scout Design have me drooling over an inexpensive DIY wallpapering project that I'm planning to replicate. I have really loved our cozy, dark bedroom, but I'm pretty sure I won't have such a large space when I'm living for one, so I'll probably need to lighten up, literally.

They bought large sheets of paper for about $6 each and hung them end to end to create this look:

C'mon really? That looks incredible. I'm seeing an accent wall in my future. I don't even mind the divide, it just adds even more dimension (and makes me a bit dizzy). What do you think? Too much? For now, I may just settle for this clipboard instead.


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