Wednesday, April 3

Discover: Coffitivity

Unless I'm trying to sleep (in which case it's earplugs all the way), I abhor silence. Especially when trying to get work done, I need a little bit of ambient noise. Enter Coffitivity, the most useful thing I've discovered all week.

Coffitivity provides "ambient sounds to boost your workday creativity". Neither a silent space nor a bustling, noisy workplace is ideal for getting down to business, but soft-commotion may be the goldilocks of audio environments. 

They've had a lot of press and support, ranging from blogs to Popular Science to news sources, and they seem to be growing. It's a ten minute loop, but I've yet to notice any repetitiveness- honestly, it's all undefined noises. If you're apprehensive, they even provide a link to research praising the effects of ambient noise on productivity and creativity. So what are you waiting for? Plug in and be transported to your nearest Starbucks without ever leaving your desk.

If you'd like more options, or get bored of Coffitivity's coffee shop, head on over to Sound Drown for a similar solution. They have waves, rainfall, a few terrible sounds (kids, crickets), and of course, coffee shop beats.

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