Wednesday, April 17

cheap eats [bomb egg salad]

Everyone eats egg salad in their life, no? I feel like it was a lunch staple when I was a kid, but I never ate it after that. I think it's the kind of thing that you just get a craving for, and I have a slight twist that makes it even more memorable.

Hard boiling eggs isn't as easy as you would in, if you just wing it, you could mess up. I'll let Real Simple tell us how it's done:

1. drop yo eggs in a pot filled with cold water (1-2" covering the eggs)
2. bring to boil, then immediately remove from heat
3. cover pot and let sit for 12 minutes
4. dunk yo eggs in cold water to stop the cooking process. ta da!

Keep in mind that older eggs (a week or so) are going to be easier to peel. I think the best egg salads are made with some more unique ingredients, including stone-ground mustard, avocado, a bitttt of mayo, celery, salt, and some cayenne. It's a decent volume what with the avocado, so I find that having this over a salad is filling enough.

I know egg salad isn't breaking news, but I've been loving this combination so much lately. I make my tuna salad with mustard as well, a smidge healthier than mayo and far more flavorful (unless you're a mayo lover, hi mom).

Have you jazzed up any basics lately? Do tell.

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