Monday, April 8

Cheap Eats [cilantro salsa]

Happy Monday! With 65 degree weather, spring has certainly sprung in DC, leaving me longing for healthy and fresh snacks. My mom makes a killer cilantro salsa, which I recreated with whatever we had in the house this weekend. Hers is better, trust, but the good thing about salsas is the ability to substitute to no negative effect.

Get your cutting boards ready, because this is a whole buncha dicing. We chopped up a full pepper (orange is prettiest, but use whatever you have), 4 or 5 small vine ripe tomatoes, a quarter of a red onion, can of black beans, can of corn (we were out, drats), one jalapeno, the juice of half a lime (we use this tool constantly), and cumin, salt, and pepper to taste. As long as you're of the cilantro-is-delicious-not-soapy variety, we add a TON. 

As long as you're not eating it with chips, this is straight veggie goodness (I ate it with celery, D with toasted naan). Try it with avocado or mango added in- ours weren't ripe yet.

Anyone have any fresh and healthy dishes I should try? My friend J recommended Nigella's Chicken and Mint Salad, it is amazing. Love anything with fresh herbs.

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