Friday, April 5

Easter recap

Since I did a link up earlier this week, I'm withholding now. Wish I was relaxing in Boston, as I was this time last week! I give you a belated recap of my trip home and some snapshots of what we did. Lovely Easter had by all at the Gibbons' household.

Most nights I'm home, you can find me around the kitchen table with at least the ladies and occasionally the men (dad and brother are less into gaming than mom and sister) playing something. Occasionally a board game, but more often than not it's cards or scrabble. We taught M how to play Pinochle this vacation. She claimed to dislike it, but I think it'll grow on her. What game of cards is complete without snacks and drinks?

Our lovable mutt Fred and I tried to get a nice picture together, but he kept ruining it. At least you can see my Easter dress and my new jewels from Kate Spade (bought on ebay because I'm cheap, duh). Find the necklace here and the earrings here.

 Egg decorating is an art form in this household. It's one of my favorite Easter traditions we have. Get your creative juices flowing!

Bloody Mary's were the drink of choice for me this Easter Sunday. Actually, I substituted gin, which makes it either a Red Snapper, a Ruddy Mary, or a Bloody Margaret, depending on who you ask. I strongly dislike vodka, so I liked the substitution. 

For the eggs, we tried some natural dyes, like coffee, and some marbling a-la Martha. Kept to our tried-and-true as well, including the use of rubber bands, waxy crayons, ombre dip-dying, and overlapping colors. 

If you need more, check out last year's Easter egg post.

Dad and I made it out the the golf course on Monday for 9 holes in the 60-degree weather. Not a bad last day of vacation, that's for sure. I played abysmally, but for my first time out this season I'd expect nothing different.

Anyone else get a break? I'll tell ya, I miss Catholic college where you get a week off for Easter.

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  1. Last year's Easter egg post!! Can you believe you've been blogging over a year now?? Man how time flies!


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