Friday, April 19

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Happy weekend! I'm heading down to Durham, NC this weekend for accepted students day (for D) and party time (for me, my friend J, and her sister, a senior at Duke). Anyone know where I should be eating?

Once he knows all the good places to eat, D may need to brush up on his social skills.

This is absurdly well done, and insightful: absurd pitches (that turned into HUGE companies).

This article sparked some very interesting discussion via email with my group of friends. Should infertility treatments be covered for gay couples? Fascinating questions about the full impact of marriage and sexual-orientation equality, a "right" to bear children, and much more...

Use this when you need to get some serious work done. Especially like the FAQ's.

A creative way to help in Boston. (or? go give blood).

And finally, this hit me emotionally. Two people describe the same person to a forensic sketch artist, and here's what happened.

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