Tuesday, April 9

bag it up [CB2 shelving]

My dear friend J did such a great job styling some new shelving she bought that I wanted to show it off. I always appreciate when bloggers I follow share not just the link and product they're buying, but how they incorporate it into their own style and home. If I could do it myself, I wouldn't need a stylist, duh.

J bought this set of 3 floating shelves from the lovely CB2:
And decided to use them for liquor storage. Make sure you pay attention to the sizing of the shelves. Reputable sellers will always include dimensions, so if you have something particular in mind, make sure it will fit!

Doesn't that look good? You can arrange and overlap in any way, but I think this trifecta is very visually pleasing in a small space.

Any home purchases you've utilized well lately?

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