Friday, April 12

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 Weekend party! I'm dong some crafting, a spring dinner party with friends, seeing the cherry blossoms, and hopefully hitting the driving range. If you're lucky, you'll have weather as good as ours.

Are you a golfer too? You're going to want one of these.

My mom sent this along, for when your blackberry isn't working (here's hoping my employer switches us over to iPhones soon).

I'm losing sleep over how much I admire this man. Go read his interview and then tell me I could recreate this with a thrift store find.

This week, D and I attended a free lecture at the Kennedy Center in honor of Arts Advocacy Day, which was Tuesday. Yo-Yo Ma spoke, and performed, and stunned. It was absolutely incredible and I encourage you to find the time to experience it (hint: skip the long-winded intros, and focus in on 35:30 if you only have 3 minutes of free time).

And on a lighter note, I've been laughing at this all day. It doesn't really get old.

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