Tuesday, April 2

link up

Still relaxing in Boston on vacation, but about to head to Chicago for work (which will get me back into my routine, which includes regular posting). Haven't seen home in over a week and am getting antsy- I'm a girl of habits and familiarity, and I miss my bed, my blender, and my boyfriend.

Here's some links for your lunch break.

My girl R sent me this, and I died. She has even better stories of in-person encounters with the children she works with, but this was still pretty hilarious.

My sister remembered my post on artful love-words in other languages, and sent me this book. 1., so cool, 2., love that I can read the whole thing in my browser.

This idea is getting me in the summery-feel. Wall art AND organization? Two birds with one stone.

Speaking of summer and speaking of projects, I might try to make these the next time I'm home. I am from a beach town, so it should be easy to procure the materials.

On a more serious note, there is some sage advice here for the difficult task of sympathy-card writing, and a stirring example. Hope it won't come in handy for you any time soon my friends.

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