Tuesday, April 30

DIY [mail time]

Another wedding DIY for you...and another chalkboard paint project. This is getting as old as my gold leaf, but at this point I'm an expert.

We wanted something to gather the wedding cards, and trust me, there were quite a few at this large-scale wedding. Here's an inspiration image we found on Pinterest:

I bought this mailbox from Home Depot for $18, super cheap. All the parts pop off pretty easily. 

As always, start with a primer. Doesn't need to be fancy, just slap some paint on it and let it dry (FYI, that mailbox is balancing on an empty box of the BEST coconut seltzer ever, La Croix).

Make sure you are stirring your chalkboard paint adequately before you start using it. This was the first project for the wedding that I did using chalkboard, so I didn't know how to use it yet. I ended up doing 8 coats, truly. It should have been 2. I thought it was just thin paint, but the real issue was not enough stirring. Grab a bunch of those wooden sticks at Home Deopt, they're free, and use them better than I did! Below is how it will look if you're not all stirred up:

Finally got enough paint on it and we were ready to stencil.

I ordered these Hillman Group 2 inch stencils for $4 from Amazon. Not sure how many projects they'll last for, as I've only used them once, but they were simple and cheap and got the job done. I laid out all the stencils beforehand so I knew I had adequate space. We wanted to paint on the last name while leaving space to write with chalk- just make sure you're measuring before you get started.

A note about stenciling- use the right tools. First I tried using a sponge- that didn't work at all, because the pores are too big and too deep. I tried using a small brush, but that holds too much paint and is difficult to do without moving the stencil. I didn't have any foam brushes, which is what you should really be using, so I improvised by using a makeup applicator sponge....do yourself a favor and go buy some of these, they should be less than a dollar each.

This was a very simple and inexpensive project, and you can use it after the wedding, unlike many projects related to the big day. I feel like a psycho bride trying to convince my maids they can re-wear their period-piece flamenco gown...but really, everyone gets mail.

What do you think? Here it is in action at the wedding (also, how cute are J and R? J just celebrated a birthday last week, too...happy birthday!)

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