Friday, April 26

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Ugh, am I the worst blogger or what? In my defense, this week was cray...tough work week, plus super fun social week, equals no sleep nor time for writing. The professional madness continues with events all night and Saturday, but I'm looking forward to a restful picnic in the sun with some college buddies on Sunday. What are your plans?

I have a friend or two attending the dedication of the Bush library this week. This is a funny recap of his presidency.

I don't even LIKE s'mores, but I think I'd like this.

Looking for a new job? Some great, and perhaps counter-intuitive, advice.

Didn't realize D didn't know about one of my favorite comedy bloggers (and honestly, she's so much more than that). Then i realized, it's possible that some of my readers don't know about her either. For shame!

P.S. beerballet&bubbly was INCREDIBLE. You need, NEED to go. Sign up for Ballet Night Tights right now, that's their professional networking group, you can attend special events, get discounted tickets, etc. Below is a shot from their warm up, just imagine how much more incredible it was when they performed the show. Still in awe. Also we saw the dancers at Cava Grill after when D, K, and G and I stopped in for a bite. Amaze.

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