Wednesday, September 4

the fiddle leaf fig [ficus pandurata]

Remember this innocent post from February, where I shared a picture of my new unknown plant? It was this cute, 4ft tall shrub that I picked up on an impromptu trip to Home Depot with my sister M.

Who knew I had a fiddle leaf fig in my midst, the trendiest of trendy indoor plants. Emily Henderson loves them (but cites the cost to be $150-$500+, depending on the size). $500?! I can't quite swing that, so I've decided to share with you the affordable way to get a fiddle leaf fig: go to Home Depot, buy ficus pandurata for $17 (or order online and ship to store to ensure they have it), enjoy.

 I'll say, they do grow aggressively. Here's my baby shrub after 5 months at well over 6ft tall:

That's a good lookin shrub right there, at a significantly lower cost. I'm hoping one day it'll look like so:

Hooooly moly. That's incredible. The guy at Home Depot did tell me it'll eventually crawl across the ceiling, so my dream is within reach. They're pretty easy to care for- they like a good amount of sunlight and weekly waterings, but I haven't found him (The Dinosaur) to be finicky or delicate when I stray from that prescription. Mine doesn't look too tree-like yet, as I'll need to let it get fuller on top before stripping the bottom leaves to give it that shape. All in good time, if I can stand it...I feel disproportionately sad when leaves fall off.

Here are a few more inspiration images, if you're on the fence. I'm pretty sure we'll be adding another to our home this season. Join me!

Anna Burke via Lonny


  1. love it! we need a house tour :)

    1. I just moved!! My new place is not so photo worthy, which is making me wish I'd better documented my last apartment. Oh well, we work with what we have :)

  2. I bought a form of the same tree for my place when I moved in. It has gotten huge! B tells me I live in Jumanji, but I love it! Looks beautiful.

    1. HA! Jumanji is so much better. D thinks it's prehistoric, which is why we named it the dinosaur.


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