Friday, September 20

link it up

If it's Friday when you read this, I am happily vacationing with my parents up in Boston, hopefully seeing some early New England fall and celebrating an old friend's wedding.

I appreciate Primer's advice on how to update and improve cheap furniture: add wood! I particularly love the bar stools...I know I've seen similar options for hundreds of dollars.

Homemade fruit roll-ups? Heck yes. Next time you're at home for 12 hours straight (a rainy fall day, perhaps?) give this recipe a try. I'm a complete sucker for trader joe's licorice nibs, hopefully this can be my healthy alternative.

This is something I haven't tried: when making your cold brew, you can add different spices. i like this recipe for a Mexican cold brew iced coffee.

I watched this at work and snorted so hard one of my coworkers came to see if I was ok. #thenewgirlisweird

One last video on this link it up: I'm such a sucker for spoken word poetry. I wanna be this guy's friend, and hang out with this crowd.

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