Friday, September 27

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Friday it is. Enjoy some light reading as you enjoy the first weekend of fall.

my favorite fall image right now, also my computer background
My friend C posted this on the book. #sofunny #JT4eva. If you can't get enough Jimmy Fallon, who has really come into his own brand of comedy, this is good too (LOVE joseph gordon levitt.)

Are you REALLY that busy?

I love to travel, I love boutique hotels, and I love budgets. This may be the website for me.

Truly one of the most interesting and valuable DIY's I've ever seen. Seems pretty easy, considering what you get...may have to give it a try so I can have my own little indoor fireplace.

This certainly fits with my healthy eating lately: a dessert that's vegan and gluten free and generally good for you. I'll let you know how my batch comes out.

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