Tuesday, September 10

discover [Durham Farmers Market]

If you haven't been following along on Instagram (for shame), you may be unaware that the Durham Farmers Market is the bomb. It's one of my favorite new discoveries in Durham, and somewhere I think I'll spend many a Saturday morning and/or Wednesday afternoon. Being walking distance from the office doesn't hurt, either.

plentiful peppers
Things are affordable, farmers represent their own crop, there are plenty of dogs and babies to oogle, all the food trucks line up, and to be honest, I'm pretty sure it doesn't rain in Durham (at least that I've seen in two weeks). I loved visiting Eastern Market in DC, but that was more of a novelty, since the prices were much higher than the local grocery stores and the produce often wouldn't last as long. As long as you remember to keep cash on hand, this market seems to be an affordable way to get your fresh fruits and veggies.

week one, $12: arugula, baby tomatoes, padron peppers, green beans, basil, green peppers
I've found a few new things I like, such as padron peppers, fresh banana peppers, and a million new ideas for goat cheese (fig&honey, jalapeno&sea salt, roasted red pepper, and so on). I'm exploring healthy pesto recipes, since HUGE bunches of the herb are just $1 here. I've been storing my herbs on the counter like flowers, as Real Simple suggests. You can also check out this video from The Chew that I once posted in a link-up.

week two, $15: basil, heirloom tomatoes, banana peppers, green peppers, arugula, sweet potato
Just in case you're intimidated by the amount of fresh produce above, I want you to know I also indulged in a cronut this week (look it up). The sweet older woman who made them said it takes her 36 hours per batch. It's basically a fried, doughnut shaped croissant stuffed with cream filling (I tried blackberry, and I picked D up a chocolate) then rolled in sugar and topped with glaze. AKA heart attack in a breakfast pastry. It was worth the hype.

blackberry cronut, now a part of my weekly routine

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