Monday, September 30

to grandma

I didn't write any posts last week. I had a few that I'd written earlier, but I wasn't around to do anything interesting and wouldn't have felt like sharing anyway. My most loving grandmother, Sheila, passed away over the weekend.

grandma being sassy and stylish

She was an artist in every sense of the word, surely in her beautiful paintings and sculptures but even more so in the world she created for her partner and seven children. I like to think I inherited my creative spirit and love of art from her, and maybe even my commitment to family.

She could be goofy and playful, like when she'd pull her long blond hair out of the trademark bun, flip it over her face, and become the dreaded witchypoo, whom my cousins and I feared and only made us appreciate our gentle grandma more.

She could be funny- she threatened me that she and grandpa would be dancing (or "shuffling as health would allow") at the airport waiting for me when I decided to spend spring break with them in Buffalo. I wish all of us grandkids could have spent more time in their presence.

She could be serious- I still have a moving, traditional note from her on the occasion of my confirmation about taking the patron saint Catherine as my confirmed name, and what that meant to her and grandpa. She was so faithful, in such a practical and open way.

She was motherly,with a twizzler after lunch or a worthers from the glass jar, always with a hug and an "oh, my darling girl" and a smile. For every inconsequential holiday (think halloween  valentine's day, st. patrick's day) we'd get a handmade card, $5, and a note: "have a little treat on us and remember that grandma and grandpa LOVE YOU". I have many of her notes and drawings to remember her by, because she was so giving and thoughtful to us all.

She was a wonderful woman and I'm so sad that she's gone.


  1. Sounds like your grandmother was a beautiful woman in many senses of the word. Thinking about you and your family.

  2. Beautiful. Love you.
    PS my owl's eyes are YELLOW!


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