Wednesday, September 18

apple cider vinegar [jump on the bandwagon]

Do you ACV?

I think I'm relatively open to new trends. I search Craigslist for campaign furniture. I try color blocking in fashion and decor. You know I love a good monthly subscription box. I own a fiddle leaf fig for cryin out loud. And as you've seen recently, I'm getting pretty committed to the homesteading, DIY food movement.

I'm particular fond of a trend when it's cheapy cheapy, like using apple cider vinegar, or ACV. Go with a raw, unfiltered, organic version that still has "the mother". I use Bragg, couple bucks at Whole Foods, and read up on some ways I can use it from this super fan.
I've been using ACV in three ways, all to different effect. 

One, I drink 2t a day. This is supposedly good for balancing out your pH, and could be particularly useful if you suffer from heartburn (which I was, a few days prior to starting a daily dosage). I dissolve it in 20 fl. oz. of water to avoid the side affects like burning your throat or damaging your teeth. I really don't know if this does anything. Everything online is mixed reviews, and personally I feel more or less the same, but I haven't had any heartburn, so that's a win. The acetic acid is supposed to aid in weight loss, too. If I see a significant change, you'll be the first to know. It breaks down mucus too, so try this if you have a cold or allergies.

Two, I use it as a toner, and this I think is actually working. Mix 1 part ACV with 2 parts water and swipe or mist on face twice daily after washing. My skin tone is more even and I haven't had a breakout since starting this a week ago. Now, it's obviously early days, but I'm so tired of adult acne I'll try out ANYTHING.

Three, I use it on my hair-  it makes a great clarifying rinse. Many places (like the Huffington Post) can explain the benefits better than I can, such as treating itchy scalp, preventing hair loss, and probably curing cancer and finding the perfect pair of jeans.

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  1. Let me know if the toner continues to work well... I saw a formula on Pintrist involving which hazel, lemon juice, and water that also looks intriguing. I like idea of using ACV more than anything with lemon juice.
    ANNNNNDDDD I miss your face!
    Lindsey Thoughts


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