Thursday, September 19

DY [duct tape decor]

Closets are dark places, naturally. They take up floor space without the need for windows, which makes them convenient but also difficult to photograph. I haven't shared my DC closet project because it's so damn hard to capture it in a flattering way, but as I've since moved away, it's now or never.

As with most of my decisions, I need things to be affordable and temporary. I've had four addresses in three years, and I'm not about to buy property, so I've accepted the fact that I won't be able to really invest in a space for a little while. That doesn't mean you can't have fun, it just has to be one-night-stand-fun rather than long-term-committed-relationship fun.

I was inspired by the DC Kate Spade store. Who doesn't like gold foil striped walls?

Contact paper is affordable, easy to work with, readily available (order through Amazon!), and removable, making it a great medium for temporary decor projects. This reminds me of Joy's old studio:

Yep, contact paper sounds like a great way to go. But the day I was inspired, i didn't have contact paper on hand.

I had gold duct tape.

I mean, it kinda worked?

Let's just say, now that D and I share a closet, there will be no duct tape decor.

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