Thursday, September 5

unexpectedly perfect color combinations

I've been seeing some color mixes lately that have caught my attention, specifically from Apartment Therapy's unusual color post and my recent J Crew catalog.

In my purely anecdotal opinion, I think that fashion and interiors often mirror each other. When mixed metals are on the runway, they're also in the shelter mags. Same goes for natural elements, animal print (that clothing-to-decor connection is so obvious and ubiquitous it's absurd), and, more recently, pairings of pastels with deep, saturated colors. From clothing to interiors, here are some new combinations that I'm going to try to emulate.

Navy & Bubble Gum

forest and cornflower blue (LOVE color names, and wish I worked for Crayola, OPI, or Pantone)

Persimmon and Thistle Pink

Finally, I loved this combo from Little Green Notebook so much that I copied it for an outfit. I'm calling it jungle green and coral, and see my interpretation (I'll admit, more of a forest) at my instagram. Jenny commented, NBD :)

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