Friday, September 13

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Friday AGAIN? Aren't we lucky! 

My dear friend and former co-worker J (check out her life coaching blog here) made a point a few weeks ago that perspective is everything: instead of feeling like the world is out to get you, try thinking that the world is out to do you good. The idea comes from the somewhat chimerical Jack Canfield, who encourages us all to "become an inverse paranoid".

I totally dig it. Sh*t is gonna happen anyway, you may as well leave the victimization and woe-is-me at the door. Perception > reality, AND has a bigger effect on my mood. If I'm thinking the world is out to get me, I'll latch on to every negative (the coffee pot is empty, the AC in my office is too high, traffic blows, etc). With a different mindset, you're more apt to latch on to every positive (whoa I found that parking spot quick, what a sweet text from a friend, it's so nice to take a  walk at lunch).

These examples are small enough that they really don't make or break your afternoon, but if you're going to tally up the little things, why not let it be the good ones instead of the bad?

If your tired of my philosophizing, enjoy some curated links (and add them to the positive column, please).

Did I know Etsy had a blog? Did you? Did we collectively know that they teach you how to do things?

Loving all the ways plaid can be worked into a home. It's so autumnal. Some day I'll have the budget to have different decor for every season, and fall will definitely be plaid-heavy.

Tried this recipe for pasta carbonara last night. D said it's a 7.5 out of 10 (which is not bad, considering I substituted sausage for bacon, pepper for onions, and 2% milk for basically, the recipe was irrelevant. #badatfollowingdirections)

Look at that D! Our rug on the cover of Tom Scheerer's new eponymous book. And was on the cover of House Beautiful last month. And makes my heart sing. (D and I are in an unending battle over the rug).

A good giggle on behalf of some of my dumber neighbors.

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  1. That rug sucks. If you can't be comfortably barefoot in your own home you're not home.


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