Friday, September 6

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Fredericks & Mae
Friday!! Today kicks off the epic "camp out", where D and his "team" will be sleeping in a U-Haul for 36 hours straight in order to check-in at randomly appointed times throughout the weekend, all in the name of having the right to enter a raffle to possibly win Duke basketball tickets.

^^crazy. I will be getting peaceful slumber in bed, thank you very much, but you can bet I'll be doing some coffee and booze runs.

This interactive guide to my favorite type of booze is way cool. Here's hoping he makes a printable piece I can download and hang above the bar.

Totally downloading this app for fall fun (I'm sensing a trend in my post...)

To break the mold, this posthumous note is both hilarious and touching. (The author is still alive, FYI).

This end-of-summer playlist is really good. Been listening all week.

Watch this, and then lament the fact that you'll never have such a perfect union (although they aren't married). She's been one of my favorite spoken word poets since I saw her TED talk like 5 years ago.

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