Tuesday, February 19

weekend recap

Anyone else have President's Day off? Anyone else not know they had President's Day off until the Thursday before? Nice little surprise long weekend for me.

My sister M was visiting, and we had a great time: ate some great food, made some strong drinks, did a DIY project or two, talked a lot, and snuggled. Pretty classic sisters' weekend.

A quick trip to Home Depot resulted in quite a bit of greenery being purchased. I can already feel the air quality in our home improving. Post coming soon about potting succulents, since I couldn't resist.

A few little succulents weren't enough: I also bought a huge...tree? Don't ask me what it is, I didn't check, it just spoke to me. A fellow plant shopper told me he had one at home that got so large it started growing across the ceiling. I am psyched.

I'm on a green smoothie kick, which M didn't quite get behind (we made her a delicious strawberry yogurt version instead). My newest recipe? Cucumber pineapple mint. So refreshing!

D made us martinis while we got ready to go out for dinner. M got the fantastic eyelashes in this family.

Obviously we went shopping. I found my dress soul-mate in this orange and magenta Trina Turk number at Nordstrom's Rack. LOVE the rack, and they're having a big sale this week. Think I may bring this baby to Miami next month!

We did a cupcake decorating class at Hello Cupcake on Barrack's Row. They do a culinary crawl where many local shops and restaurants offer 1-1.5 hour classes in this popular 8th St area, and we were lucky enough to have friends in the know. The class was for 20 guests, all but two of which were friends. I felt like I was at a birthday party. I definitely over-frosted, but had a great time learning how to use fondant.

We did a second class that day with the owner of Banana Cafe in DC. He was funny and engaging, the food was delicious and unique, and the mojitos were fresh and reminiscent of summer. If you're in the area, I would HIGHLY recommend this restaurant for Cuban and Puerto Rican food (and drinks).

Did another little DIY project with my day off, to be revealed soon. It was super easy to do, and was actually the result of a mistake. Love when you can turn things around.

Have a great (short) week! I head to Chicago tomorrow until the weekend, crossing my fingers it's not as cold as my last visit.

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