Thursday, February 14

will you be my valentine?

Happy Valentine's Day! Did anyone follow my lead and make a shoddy Word Valentine? If you want better ideas, Real Simple is the place to look: my roommate K made the matchbook one.

If you're in the boozy mood, check out this list of 6 delicious champagne cocktails, from the boys at Primer. I hesitate to open bottles when it's just D and I, since you can't re-cork, but with my sister in town, I think popping some bubbly is in order!

I'm doing this kiss art over the weekend, hopefully I get some practice today. I think it's kinda creepy and personal...but I like that.

And finally, making this dessert today for D. He's going to die, obviously. Already bought the Krispy Kreme's yesterday.

In case you're dateless, I've provided you with a few entertaining links as well!

A hilarious answer to "my ideal girl is out of reach, should I settle?" on Quora.

Love is dead. That is the WORST Valentine's Day freebie I've ever seen.

And the best geeky pick up lines (number one is amazing).

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