Wednesday, February 20

DIY [hanging chairs]

So y'all know my dear friend J, the one that owns a condo and does cool DIY projects like this? Well, last year she hosted a fall feast in her new abode, and ran into the age-old issue of all hosts: what to do about seating. She does not have a banquet table that seats 18, but she does occasionally throw a shindig that calls for more than 4. What does one do?

She bought some folding chairs, but wanted to have a more creative way of storing them. How about hanging them on a wall?

It's certainly been done before, as you may have seen in my inspiration post last week. The two images below are actually both from the same blogger- it worked in her first home, so she did it again in her second!

Great idea, right? It keeps them out of your hair when you don't need them, takes up some wall space if you've got it, and is just plain cool.

Here's another set of images- poor quality photos, compared to above at least, but the Pantone color chip idea was too fun not to share:

Top Flat
J decided to give it a try herself, and I think it came out great! She took a really cool panoramic shot, but it's too large for you to see it properly on the blog, so I cut it down (which explains the wonky-ness. No she didn't install curved wainscoting). 

I love that the chairs match the black table, and are visually interesting. We all know art is expensive, but this kills two birds with one stone: covers up the wall AND is functional for impromptu dinner parties! Here are some non-panoramic close ups:

And one of the hook:

Too easy. I'm hoping to do more posts on her beautiful home, so you can see some larger-scale projects than what I typically do in my renters apartment. She's done great work to turn a standard condo into a very personalized, comfortable home.

FYI, J bought these chairs from Ikea, and is happy with them.

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