Friday, February 1


Happy Friday yo. Throwing some images at you this Friday, rather than some reading. I think I'm just projecting: I need a break, so you must, too. Taking the relaxation one step further with some muted palates for your viewing pleasure.

 I'm over the flokati (over as in I've seen it in a zillion shelter mags, not as in it's not amazing and would be baller to own). But what I really loved about this image was the mix of shapes, textures, and the neutral tones. I've been saying it for ages, but I really am trying to tone down my design taste, literally, by investing in blacks, browns, whites. I think this look is very attainable. From Lonny I believe.

Kate Moss + Mario Testino + Spain Vogue = angular, muted palette, deconstructed, confident, ugh just perfection.

Want to do dishes all day in this gorgeous kitchen.

If you're going to have a staircase, why not make it an architecturally interesting one? I don't have must-build-my-own-home fever, but I do think it would be truly incredible to custom make everything, to have even the staircase you want because you were intentional, not because, well, it came with the house.

I need this reminder. Work will continue to slam me until March which point I will drift blissfully into a relaxing week in Miami, followed by full throttle personal priorities (one of which is for a song, duh). I'll keep posting regularly of course, but less free time means less interesting stuff to blog about. I started this blog mainly to share my DIY's and inexpensive ideas with my family and friends, and though I've been light on the original content lately, it is my intention to reinvest in that. Gotta keep the lights on.

Some wonderful people are visiting us in DC this fact, I think we have 4 interlopers in total. We also bought a crab feast (using a deal of course) for the big game...go Ravens! Everyone enjoy the weekend.

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