Thursday, February 21


Hey y'all, here are some images I've loved via Pinterest lately.

Loved this post from Jenny Komenda over at Little Green Notebook. She made the art by framing prints from an art book, which is an affordable way to do it for sure. I also love the coral and everglade color scheme (and pretty much everything else she's ever done, ever). Last week I wore an outfit inspired by this room's color scheme, and she instagrammed me that she "loved it". She even included a smiley face. True story.

I've already found this super helpful. May try to transcribe it onto one of my many chalkboards in the kitchen? Martha Stewart is the queen of attractive functionality.

Before I try my hand at chalkboard art, I should read this article on typographic chalk drawings. Very marketable skill, I'm sure.

GAH spring you can't come soon enough. Freezing my footsies off in Chicago currently, but these floral prints are keeping my spirits high.

The back of this Anna Campbell gown is killing me.

That's all for now lovebirds.

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