Tuesday, February 5

discover [naturebox]

I'm trying to see just how many monthly subscription services I can do before I go bonkers.

Naturebox is the latest and greatest I've tried. I originally signed up for a measly $10 via Bloomspot for healthy, all-natural snacks delivered to your door. It's typically $20 (not too shabby, though I much preferred the half-price of the first round). You get 5 full-size products, and I happen to have loved everything I got in my first box, which included lemon pistachios, dried pear slices, masa crisps (savory), pistachio power clusters, and blueberry-flax granola. Nutritious info below:

I like this service very much. It arrives in a cute green box, like so:

Wonder what my treats are??! Gah I love getting mail. I probably have the most fun mailbox in my whole building.

Resealable bags, my favorite! I ended up bringing all of my snacks to work, so I had a nice mid-morning or afternoon treat that I didn't have to feel guilty about. My second box should be here any day, and I still have some masa crisps and pistachios left, so it really can take you through the month.

I eat 3-5 meals a day, but I'm not really a snacker, so this isn't really the long-term deal for me. My sister, who is a snack fiend (and an unhealthy one to boot) should probably consider this. I'm also concerned about getting flavors or products I don't like. I was lucky this first month, but I'm interested to see how I feel about month two. I don't mind getting products I won't use (Birchbox comes to mind), but not at $20 a pop. I'd rather just go to Target and select the foods I want.

Keep in mind- to cancel your membership, you have to call in, there is no email/online option. I find this super annoying, personally. If I can't do everything online, I don't wanna know ya.

What do you think? Would you give it a shot? Have you tried this before? Any other products I can get monthly that I haven't done yet?

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