Tuesday, February 12

DIY inspiration [hanging chairs]

I have a simple project from my friend J to share with you tomorrow, and wanted to show you some inspiration. You know I'm no stranger to hanging odd things on walls, so I fully support the idea of getting all four legs off the ground. Have you seen ideas like this on pinterest? I'm talking about reurposing some old chairs into shelves, storage, towel racks, closets, you name it.

Wouldn't this be sweet in a mud room? Provided the space was wide enough...

This one comes from Better Homes and Gardens. Give a whitewashed, country look to your powder room by using a ladder-back chair to hold toiletries and towels. Perfect for a guest bath. Could also see this fitting well next to an outdoor shower at a Cape house.

This last one comes right from Ikea, where the chair is used solely as a shelf. Chairs can be found for very cheap at most flea markets and thrift stores, so you could potentially have a new shelf for as little as $5 and a coat of paint.

What do you think? I bet some of you even have a chair or two laying around the basement or attic, just waiting to be repurposed. Check back tomorrow for more on-the-wall ideas.

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