Wednesday, February 13

DIY [valentines]

More on hanging chairs after the Valentine's rush- trying to be timely over here!

Valentine's Day is something that D and I more or less ignore. I like to go big for Christmas, medium for birthdays, and small for anniversaries, V day, etc. Which means I make a special dessert for D, and he gets a card. That I make in Microsoft Word. On my lunch break. I'm romantic like that.

You should know you can do quite a bit in Word though! I've seen some beautiful, graphic, typography-filled things come out of Word. I'm going to share my past 3 years of Valentine's cards with you here. Typically I print on card stock and attach to nice colored paper, maybe do a little corner edging, that kinda thing to jazz it up.

colorful Impact font + graphic shape + cheeky message = Meaghan Gibbons Valentine recipe. You'd think I'd vary my messaging and design, since I've had the same valentine for the last 3 years, but I'm too lazy for that.

Here's my Valentine from 2011, which I ended up printing and hanging on our gallery wall (post on all that jazz coming soon, ugh):

Get it? It says I love you. Not that sneaky but still cute.

Ready for Valentine 2012?
He's not really all those things, I just used a thesaurus for "love of my life" and that's what came up.  Without further ado, THREE options for Valentine '13:

I thought it was time I cut to the chase.

I completely stole the idea from this funny blog, You're Welcome (a humorous gift guide for weird occasions). And I think they stole it from Etsy. Imitation is the surest form of flattery, no?

Looking at this post, I think it's time I switched up my style for next year...come back tomorrow to see the adorable (and far more creative) ideas my friends came up with for Valentine's cards!

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