Monday, February 25

DIY [etching update]

"Yay it's Monday" -said no one ever.

Yesterday, D and I went on a 3 hour date to Hill Country BBQ (the best) and discovered House of Cards on Netflix, so if you're wondering (or even noticed) why this post is going up late, well, now you have your answer.

J came over for some advanced etching a week ago, and had a great idea for a set of wine glasses that I wanted to share.

She started with making some beautiful cuts to the contact paper. That girl is muy talentoso with an exacto knife, let me tell you. Make sure to do your cutting on a cutting board...duh. I thought the scraps were just as pretty as the finished project.

Next she slapped on some etching cream, then went and made herself a drink. 'Tis a waiting game.

Finally, the fun part: the reveal!

Pretty awesome, right? Now you just have to hope your guests are typeface-savvy and can still identify their drink and differentiate between ampersands...

I'm the kind of person that reallllly gets into something, so you can expect one more etching project coming your way next week, which will have more detailed instructions and was done by yours truly.

Pretty much all I do now is etch glass and drink green smoothies.

I am a creature of habit.

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