Wednesday, February 27

DIY [birthday card and balloon crafts]

Guess what. My roommate K's bf (that stands for boyfriend, since her bestfriend is me, duh) just had a birthday. The card she made was so cute that I have to show you here. She followed Martha Stewart's instructions for the happy birthday banner card. Here's Martha's:

Anddddd here is K's! I think she went with more masculine colors, and of course you gotta love the gold embossed lettering.

Cute, no?

I also thought this was an awesome idea for a party backdrop. Bookmarking for my next New Year's Eve party.

Balloons galore!

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  1. Amazing!!
    This birthday cards and balloon crafts are definitely a wonderful idea. Also, you presented it very nice so I appreciate it very much as well as the picture, it looks lovely.
    Thanks for sharing :) Cheers! :)


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