Monday, October 22

DIY [clocking in]

Happy Monday amigos. What time is it? DIY time!

This project comes to you from my bestie J, who bought a gorgeous condo (jealous? me too) and was able to decorate the whole thing herself. Gah! That's pretty much my dream. Of course, she's not rolling in the dough, so many of her decor decisions have been based around DIY projects and deals on furniture, like buying off the floor and using sites like One Kings kinda girl.

I love her project for a wall clock, and wanted to share it here. No one realllllly uses analog clocks for time keeping, making it even more crucial that they be interesting and beautiful. I think she succeeded in both accounts, making this rustic, classic looking wall clock for her living room.

Here are some straightforward steps from J. 

First, she bought the mechanical piece of the clock and the wood from Michael's. You'll need to drill a hole in the center of the board to thread the clock base through; then, the arms are attached to the front and small screws attach to the back of the board. 

J used a ruler to make all the angles for the numbers clean and uniform. She drew the numbers in pencil and painted over them with acrylics, but I'm sure you could use paint or sharpies and a stencil if you don't have a steady hand. Pop some batteries in that baby and watch it go!

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