Tuesday, October 16

Recap [fall frolic]

I did mange to have a wonderful weekend, as planned. I got SO MUCH done around the house- summer clothes packed, fall boots shined, wardrobe culled, hall closet organized, bathroom scrubbed, all that good stuff. I feel more on top of my home life now, which makes everything run smoother. 

Even with all the cleaning, I did mange to have some fun- went apple picking, thai and talking with an old friend, flag football on the national mall. I also made a big batch of Apple Pie Oatmeal (an autumn staple last year). Some images of our fall frolic below!

decor at Rock Hill Orchard in MD
Glorious pumpkins
Fall foliage, made me miss New England
One of the 2304983 apples we sampled
Hope they find a use for all the fallen fruit
Definitely not just for children
Coach D preparing the gloves for our first flag football game
Puppy mascot for our Nakid League team!

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