Friday, October 12

Link Up.

Literally, thank the good lord that it is the weekend. I'm going to fully exploit every moment- hoping to have some time to fall frolic (apple picking, anyone?), but really want to focus on home organization, cleaning, and planning for the season. I need to exfoliate and declutter my living space to feel more in control. Anyone know the feeling? I want to enjoy my favorite season in peace and prepare for the holidays.

If  you have more free time than me this weekend, check out some cool links below. Here's to fall festivities and simplified living!

If you're from Massachusetts, what Barbie are you?

How I will be tying my scarf this weekend.

The most hilarious email from a bride to her bridesmaids I've ever seen. Thank god J is normal.

A unique cocktail recipe using bacon bourbon. I'll let you in on why that matters next week :)

How to do custom foiling. Noted.

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