Wednesday, October 10


Here are some images that I've admired lately.

I believe this is Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams? Make an over-sized sheet music print of your favorite song. Would be really sweet for your wedding first dance.

Jonathan Fuller sea glass sculptures look amazing. I want to pin this one because I think I could recreate it and use it as a wreath, but check out his other work.
Rose et Vert had a very smart and simple idea: cover existing wires or cords with embroidery floss for a pop of color. I like projects that bring design to the mundane, and I happen to currently have a piece of string hanging from my overhead light (for shame). It will be replaced shortly.

Style Me Pretty (who else) had this image of an incredible champagne bucket from a retro-themed December wedding, styled by Southern Flair. I'm sure with a mold this is pretty easy, and I think it's stunning. Obviously very cheap too. FYI, did you know that the way to get clear ice cubes is to use boiled water? Regular water from the tap freezes cloudy, but boiling will remove those imperfections. Perfect for when you want to add a piece of fruit or herb (though I think the cloudy-ness is perfect for this project).

This room room (art, floors, rug, seating, fire place) is calm, de-cluttered, and deliberate, all the things I'm currently going for in my life. I want to sit in that leather chair (Chieftain chair, by Danish designer Finn Juhl), sip a fancy cocktail, and journal about all the ways I'm going to get my life in order this fall.

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