Tuesday, October 30

Hurricane Sandy

It's like the weekend is still going! It seems insensitive to say I'm excited about a hurricane that is doing some real damage to many, but I happen to be enjoying my two days off thus far. Pretty much all I've done is hang with my roommates, have a few cocktails, and watch half of season 1 Homeland. Good shit so far.

I got in from Chicago Friday night and have been running around for some holiday fun since then. We celebrated Halloween early this year. In this highly politicized town, especially pre-election, I thought everyone would understand our timely debate-related costume...a surprisingly good number didn't. C'mon people! Even if you didn't watch the first presidential debate, if you have twitter, facebook, or a TV you must have seen the references.

Really wishing I had a fireplace right about now, but I'm planning to make some mulled wine tonight. Here's a great recipe from Ina Garten, but I prefer to take a lil' Trader Joe's shortcut. 

Happy mulling! Stay safe and dry and warm, my friends.

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