Friday, October 19

Link Up.

It's that time of week again, when I send you to look at all the stuff for which I wish I could take credit. God I'm so good at grammar. My excuse for not bringing you original content this week is that I have a chronic (since 2 weeks ago) facial twitch that could be Bells Palsy. This is serious. I've spent too much time on Mayo Clinic and WebMD to do any craft projects, so instead, you get the following.

Go learn how to make these, then report back.

I don't know how many of you read McSweeney's- they publish a lot, so there's bound to be some rubbish in there. Every few posts, though, really get me chuckling. Check out these two fall stories (apologies in advance for the vulgar language): decorative gourd season and an open letter to pumpkin-flavored seasonal treats.

In keeping with the fall may have seen these already, but Oh Happy Day created/shot the funniest "little artists" kids Halloween costumes. Do you know what you're being yet? I've always wanted to be a dia de los muertos skeleton, or Cruella DeVille, or Anna Wintour, but instead I'm doing a couples-costume with D. I'll post a picture fo sho.

Who watched the debate? I haven't missed any of them yet. Now, this isn't a political blog, but I do live in DC and I think that in order for this to stay authentic, it should include me and my life. Here are the funniest "binders full of women" spin offs I've seen, here and here and here and here and OMG Ryan Gosling here.

Really appreciate these tips for styling a shelf over at Little Green Notebook, and might have to take a second look at some of my own vignettes. It's tough to keep things functional while making them beautiful, to be thoughtful about placement yet not make things look like a museum.

I've got an adult slumber party at J's tonight, Maryland homecoming football tomorrow, date night Saturday, and flag football madness on Sunday. Updates via Instagram and Twitter all weekend, of course.

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