Tuesday, October 2

Gallery Wall Inspiration

Gallery walls. So hot right now. So hot always?

The wall across from my bed (and massive wall art!) is a gallery wall, which I'm planning on entirely redoing soon (decorator's ADD). Before I do so, I wanted to share it with you, which I plan on doing this week and next. As I start planning for my next layout, I wanted to share some inspiration images I've been bookmarking. Enjoy the inspiration!

Usually I like mixed media and shapes, but I like the consistent white and hard angles here from Bluebell Design, featured on Design Sponge.

Design Sponge
For the image below, I'm not sure if I'm loving the beautiful gallery wall or the incredible wall color. Either way, I like the lack of frames here- looks very organic and casual.

This one definitely has a theme, which I appreciate. So much better than randomly throwing tchotchkes up. And I like the mixed shapes, of course.

Frederico de Vera has an amazing home, including this wall. Again, with the theme! This may be my favorite...but then again, you have a bunch of random people looking at you...

House Beautiful shows us how it's done on the large scale. This is so well laid out I can't even stand it. A true visual and proportion artist was at work.

This is actually from Pottery Barn, which I don't usually think of for super inspiring designs. I like the more random gallery wall across from the uniform lines.

Kristen Buckingham, gallery wall ninja. Fantastic mix of artistic styles- some cheeky, some abstract, some classic oils, and maybe even some photography? Very eclectic, but the shapes keep it cohesive.

Cover every inch of wall with this shot from La Dolce Vita.

First saw this in the New York Times, and it fits in my mental image of the Times: clean, graphic, modern, bold, and black and white.

Lonny isn't always my favorite, but I appreciate a gallery wall that goes right to the ground.

One last image to wrap this up- not too colorful, which is what I'm going for this time.

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