Friday, October 5

Link It Up.

Weekend again. Where is the fall going? Can anyone else grasp that we're already into October? I feel like September was one big whirlwind of fun, with time passing much too quickly. It was so dark out when I got up to run this morning- nothing makes me accept the end of summer quite like the shortening of days. Time to get out your leather boots, buy some fall-themed food products at trader joe's, re-learn 25 ways to tie a scarf, and start preparing warm beverages...mulled wine or hot cocoa, anyone?

In all your fall enjoyment, take a break to visit the following for some humor, education, or inspiration.

If anyone else gets distracted by the catchy lists of Buzzfeed, you'll appreciate this: 25 awesome DIY ideas for bookshelves. D and I have an open wall, and we're trying to decide if it's worth filling before he (hopefully) leaves for business school next year...decisions decisions.

Appreciate the most beautiful water tower ever in Brooklyn, designed by Tom Fruin. R, we need to go see this next time I visit you! It's not functional, but I suppose this is one time where beauty of design doesn't need to be useful. It's made from recycled materials.

CNN released a list of the "25 funniest tweets about the debate". Most of these are worth a chuckle.  We watched every minute of this in our house, and quickly jumped on social media at the end to see the popular reaction. Biggest diassapointment? @FiredBigBird on Twitter. Concept is great, but writer isn't actually funny. Like, at all.

All 32 NFL quarterbacks and their muppet doppelgangers. Surprisingly well done. It would probably be funnier if I knew every muppet...or every quarterback. Oh well. For a sports-fanatic-child, this is probably the best page on the internet.

One blog that I doubt too many of you have seen: Pinterest, You Are Drunk. Super funny image-based blog of the ridiculous nonsense that people pin, mainly products, projects, and quotes. Always accompanied by a snarky and hilarious one-liner highlighting the absurdity.

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